Tapped Out – Mobile Game For Cartoon Fans

If you happen to be a fan of the Simpsons cartoon then you need to download the Simpsons Tapped Out game for your Android device or Apple device. It is a great game that is filled with features and events which update frequently for constant new gameplay and also there are special tools around such as http://gamerbounty.org/tapped_out_cheats . This way you never get bored with the game. The game is easy to play which makes it easy to have a good time. The premise of the game is to rebuild Springfield. Why do you have to rebuild Springfield? Well when Homer was playing a game he accidently melted the entire town.


Here is how to play Simpsons Tapped Out:

Once you have downloaded the game and set up your basic idea you are asked to invite your friends. This is an option and not necessary to play the game, but if you do have friends that play it as well it can help you in a big way.

You start with two types of currency, Dollars and Donuts. Dollars are earned in the game by completing quests and actions, and from collecting from buildings that are completed. Donuts are the premium currency that is used to speed up construction and for premium items in the game. Donuts can be earned slowly as you level up or they can be purchased with regular cash.


Tasks and building all take time to complete, real time that is. So if you are going to be actively playing assign tasks that take a little time to complete. If you are going to be at work and unable to play for a while then you want to assign the tasks that can take hours. If you don’t then when you come back to the game your characters could be sitting around bored and waiting for you to give directions to.

Facebook Criminal Case review

Criminal case scene

Criminal Case is a hidden object game created by Pretty Simple Games that can be played through Facebook. The player becomes a member of the police task force that arrives at the given crime scenes. Players must then investigate the brutal scenes that are put in front of them. Please be advised that these scenes, while fictitious, can be brutal and difficult to look at for some users. After getting your first case which is set up as a brief tutorial, the crime scenes become longer and more in depth as the user progresses through the game. The player must search for hidden objects throughout the scene to collect clues.

Criminal case logo

Players earn stars by completing missions and finding all objects at a crime scene. Each case includes several different missions and objectives before the solution can be found. The stars that are earned can then be used to interview suspects or examine clues more closely in a laboratory setting. The lab settings essentially act as different mini games where players must solve puzzles, decipher codes, complete an autopsy on the victim, or find even more hidden objects throughout the lab. Each crime scene and task requires energy to complete. Since the player does not have unlimited energy, you cannot always play through a game without having to stop and refill your energy. Although the game is free, users can pay to get more energy if they choose so. That is how the game makes the profit for the company created by.
Everything must eventually come together to help the player solve the case. They are given a list of suspects and details surrounding the crime. To complete a case, the player must come to the conclusion of who the perpetrator is and how the crime was committed. Do you like it? Then log into the facebook and have a try!

Criminal case scene