Hero zero tricks

Are you probably wondering what kind of a game is going to amaze your young ones? Well hero zero is one of them. This is one game that’s going to leave you stunned for as long as you play it. It’s the newest flash game that a superhero theme and it offers you a chance to customize a character in which ever manner that pleases you the best. Its features that will leave you amazed. You don’t want your young ones to miss this at all and that’s why you have to let them play it. Once you have played the game then you will definitely be left with something to remember and desire. Please try also this  perfectly looking Hero zero online hack.

This game comprise with a number of tips and tricks on how to play it and once you have mastered them then you are probably good to go on with the missions that come with it. The game is comprised of two types of missions this include;

1 ) THE TIME MISSION; this may entail preventing a hard fall of a man stuck on the roof fixing his satellite. This is where you position a trampoline to prevent the fall. The time mission can be time consuming but interesting enough too since it also creates you time to browse through other pages while you wait for the countdown timer to elapse. Usually the player has to wait as bar loads to completion. It’s clear that one you can multitask while you play this game. Isn’t that not interesting enough, having to play your favorite game while you still work?

2) THE COMBAT MISSION; the combat mission will most definitely make you want to keep on advancing to more stages that get interesting from one level to another. This is even made more enticing due to fact that players get to be equipped with a variety of gears, this include bathrobes, a hair dryer and even transparent clocks. This helps to customize the look of the characters. This is just an amazing feature that you ought to try and use in this combat mission. Once you advance to a new level each time, distributable points are gained by the player. During the mission you are able to equip your player with gear in order to boost the characters statistics though there is a simpler way of improving the characters statistics by paying for the gear by using coins. The more you have the coins then you have a great chance of gearing up your characters statistics. This is advantage in that you are able to equip your hero to look how you want.

Currencies used in the game include donuts and coins. Donuts are commonly used by players to acquire boosters and powerful equipment and other items while coins are used to purchase things needed in the mission and you get to earn them through work or selling a couple of items. There are several types of boosters and they include; Work boosters that play a role of increasing a hero’s remuneration at work. The Skill boosters upgrade the skill of the hero when at work. The Mission boosters play a role in minimizing the hero’s energy and time spend waiting during the mission.

hero zero

Don’t be left behind when others are enjoying playing the game, be that hero and battle with hundreds of other players online. You have the potential and ability to play this game. Be a hero of yourself and enjoy the great features it comes with.

School of dragons – the game

Blending a child-friendly Viking adventure, science lessons, and a plethora of fire-breathing dragons, the hit browser game School of Dragons is now also available in all its gloriously 3D excellence as an app for Android and iOS devices. Young and old, or anyone in between, will marvel at the huge free-roaming environment and selection of mini games contained within. Sharing one school of dragons hack tool http://www.bigeasyphones.com/school-of-dragons-hack/

While playing the School of Dragons game itself is reasonably quick, and it is easy to learn how to navigate the various menus, due to the number of players already in the game, initially registering a new name which hasn’t already been taken may take several attempts. Further into the game, there are also similar problems to be encountered when naming your dragon, but that is a minor inconvenience.


Exploring the island of Berk often leads to falling into sometimes overbearing science lessons including collecting rock samples and testing them in a lab, but a clue to the educational nature of School of Dragons is kind of given away by the title of the game. Some lessons are less intrusive than others, and children will probably learn something from them, but older players may see them as a hindrance if they are only interested in playing the more action-based mini games such as flying the dragon, racing against other players, or shooting fireballs.
The addictive farming mini game which looks like so many others is amusing enough for a while, and the fishing game involves some nice use of swirling a finger on the touchscreen to reel in food for your dragon, but once they have been played half a dozen times or more, they soon get tiresome when compared to the faster ones. Keeping your dragon happy by interacting with it whenever it is hungry or needs to be played with is also annoying when all you want to do is play Fireball Frenzy and your dragon doesn’t feel up to it, but therein lies the challenge of the School of Dragons game.

Shadow Fight 2 Hack is excellent mobile fighting game

I recently had the chance to check out the newest installment of  on my android phone. Shadow Fight 2 Hack, developed by Nekki (http://nekki.com/), is available now on the iPhone and Android devices. The original Shadow Fight was the first real social fighting game available on Facebook and was released in September of 2011. This first game was met with rave reviews and boasts millions of dedicated players worldwide! I found a nice hack tool for it http://gamerbounty.org/shadow-fight-2-hack/ .

Shadow Fight 2 Hack


I had some experience with Shadow Fight 2 Hack on the Facebook, but was not really sure what to expect with the scaled down android version. I was especially concerned about how the controls would work. Before I actually got into the game I do as I always do when trying out new software and games, I checked out all the reviews. This Shadow Fight 2 Hack game is immensely popular.  It has over 5 million downloads since its release in May of 2014. The reviews were mostly good. I found only few complaints about the controls. But i found much more complains about the whole freemium business model this game is based on (more on this later).


Shadow Fight 2 Hack Feeling


So, with some trepidation, I downloaded Shadow Fight 2 Hack and started the game up, hoping the controls weren’t as awful as some people said. Once I got passed the story line animation (which was rather entertaining to be honest), I was placed in training. It took me all of 5 minutes to learn how to control the shadow character and I honestly found the controls to be easy and intuitive, which surprised me, as often my fat fingers get in the way when trying to play these types of games.

After each match you get new weapons and new abilities and as the game progresses your skill with each weapon becomes paramount to your successfully moving upward. Each opponent becomes increasingly difficult and after 4 games you need to recharge your energy, either by purchasing gems or by watching a 30 second ad. This is where the freemium comes in. The game is free to play and you never have to pay a dime, in order to get the best weapons and to take the least time you are required to pay. It means if you don’t want to pay. You can still beat this game, but it’s going to take you much longer, And it really require more skill then if you pay to proceed.

While some people might have a problem with this method of marketing, I don’t see the problem at all. This is life, if you got the dough you can move much faster, but if you don’t you have to struggle. My personal philosophy is that it’s the struggling that really makes life more interesting and overcoming obstacles brings more joy. So I take my philosophy to this game and found it to be challenging and rewarding! The fighting styles are nearly endless with a wide variety of weapons and opponents.  I can’t see myself getting bored with this game very soon. I recommend this game to all my friends. I consider it one of the (if not the) best fighting games to come out in 2014. If you like a fighting game with an RPG feel, you’ll love Shadow Fight 2 Hack.

Tapped Out – Mobile Game For Cartoon Fans

If you happen to be a fan of the Simpsons cartoon then you need to download the Simpsons Tapped Out game for your Android device or Apple device. It is a great game that is filled with features and events which update frequently for constant new gameplay and also there are special tools around such as http://gamerbounty.org/tapped_out_cheats . This way you never get bored with the game. The game is easy to play which makes it easy to have a good time. The premise of the game is to rebuild Springfield. Why do you have to rebuild Springfield? Well when Homer was playing a game he accidently melted the entire town.


Here is how to play Simpsons Tapped Out:

Once you have downloaded the game and set up your basic idea you are asked to invite your friends. This is an option and not necessary to play the game, but if you do have friends that play it as well it can help you in a big way.

You start with two types of currency, Dollars and Donuts. Dollars are earned in the game by completing quests and actions, and from collecting from buildings that are completed. Donuts are the premium currency that is used to speed up construction and for premium items in the game. Donuts can be earned slowly as you level up or they can be purchased with regular cash.


Tasks and building all take time to complete, real time that is. So if you are going to be actively playing assign tasks that take a little time to complete. If you are going to be at work and unable to play for a while then you want to assign the tasks that can take hours. If you don’t then when you come back to the game your characters could be sitting around bored and waiting for you to give directions to.

Facebook Criminal Case review

Criminal case scene

Criminal Case is a hidden object game created by Pretty Simple Games that can be played through Facebook. The player becomes a member of the police task force that arrives at the given crime scenes. Players must then investigate the brutal scenes that are put in front of them. Please be advised that these scenes, while fictitious, can be brutal and difficult to look at for some users. After getting your first case which is set up as a brief tutorial, the crime scenes become longer and more in depth as the user progresses through the game. The player must search for hidden objects throughout the scene to collect clues.

Criminal case logo

Players earn stars by completing missions and finding all objects at a crime scene. Each case includes several different missions and objectives before the solution can be found. The stars that are earned can then be used to interview suspects or examine clues more closely in a laboratory setting. The lab settings essentially act as different mini games where players must solve puzzles, decipher codes, complete an autopsy on the victim, or find even more hidden objects throughout the lab. Each crime scene and task requires energy to complete. Since the player does not have unlimited energy, you cannot always play through a game without having to stop and refill your energy. Although the game is free, users can pay to get more energy if they choose so. That is how the game makes the profit for the company created by.
Everything must eventually come together to help the player solve the case. They are given a list of suspects and details surrounding the crime. To complete a case, the player must come to the conclusion of who the perpetrator is and how the crime was committed. Do you like it? Then log into the facebook and have a try!

Criminal case scene